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by @rashidi_ishak “Those who came to watch Supermokh really liked the LED dance sequence. Very Tron like. The directors said they’ll give something different for this restaging. Heard there’s harnesses involved. Could there be flying Tron? Only one way to find out. Come and watch SuperMokh Sebuah Muzikal Restaging at Istana Budaya from 8th until 21st September 2014. #supermokhsebuahmuzikal #istanabudaya #supermokhrestaging via @PhotoRepost_app


Over the past several decades, some Arabian descent who claimed to be Muslims have committed terrorist acts against the United States.
all of that plus conflicts in the Middle East, made media labeling terrorists as Muslims.

✔️The most dangerous myth is that Islam condones terrorism. ✔️Another myth is that Muslims are mostly Arabians.
✔️A third myth is that in Islamic teachings, men are allowed to terrorize women.
✔️A fourth myth is that Islamic teachings allow a government to force everyone to be Muslims.
Islam prohibits terrorism.

but the truth is, Islam does not support terrorism under any circumstances.
terrorism has no religion. join me in #ProjectIAmAMuslim to create awareness to the world. visit @projectiamamuslim for more info #madewithstudio #PrayForGaza

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