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Hello awok. di sini saya nak mengishtiharkan.. cewah!! Scrap that shit, my speech will sound so stupid being spoken in formal malay. bahasa pasar can lah. but anywho.. Happy Birthday baby!! sama tak sama tak?? tried to look for a background close to yours. haha. i love you so so much. with each year ill love you more, remember that your best years are still ahead of you and ill be there to see you climb up the ladder to success (and ofcourse ill be there to catch you if you slip and jatuh) and ill be there for all ups and downs and everything else in between. have a blast sweets !
😘💋🍰🎂👑 #birthday (at Impian Gemilang)

#bff is too mainstream. and even that, it breaks sometimes. being friends for 10 years still doesnt mean we are good for each other. sometimes when shit goes down the drain, we get to see the true colours and thats when we realize, 10 years of friendship is nothing compared to a true heart. we havent been friends long enough but i value each and every day we go through together. cause deep down, you’re amazing and believe nothing else. remember you have me, @babyryns , @alangpops, @haniff0811 , @officialmcnash .. youre surrounded with beautiful people. not to forget you now have @faizizwan5695 now. youre in a good place. i hope that this would be enough of a good life for you because i know having you in my life is enough for me #madewithstudio (at Wisma LJT, Taman Melawati)

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