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Thank you @auramawarlens for these wonderful soft lenses. I personally have loads of contact lenses but never once before, that I get to wear them more than half an hour. I find lenses very annoying.. and Auramawar lenses are crazy soft and as if I dont feel anything in my eyes. it’s not blurry and comfortable as hell. So for those who love to wear lenses. try it!

I am really loving my skin now.. I really love how healthy it looks like. thank you @sriputrimayangsari for sharing your beauty secret.. thanks to Gluco Stemcell, my skin is not just healthy.. but my body too! I’m more energetic, I get sick less. I feel light. Less discharge or whatsoever. as everyone knows, I was on tabitha before.. but my old skin came back. and since i have freckles problem, it appeared back. now my freckles had lighten. (not that I can ever get rid of them, but atleast its lightened!)
not to forget thank you @atikahmohsin for sharing another beauty secret.

ps : wanting a beautiful skin is not just all about skin care, eating habits and enough rest are just as important. so take care of your inner beauty too!

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