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Dont know why I even bother doing it. crazy @rainbowdunker nominated me, pundek.
1) singer.
2) dancer.
3) blogger.
4) a sucker for beutiful melodies.
5) not good at taking photos, but love editing tools.
6) tall, black hair, brown eyes.
7) ong colour this year is purple (according to feng shui)
8) mom chinese. dad indian.
9) 3 siblings ; only girl.
10) dating someone, or seeing someone. i love, someone. gahhh
11) travel freak.
12) i do not like/go shopping.
13) not a big fan of chocolate.
14) they call me ‘petua lady’or even ‘watson’. DON’T EVEN ASK
15) i do eat durian, love durian, love tempoyak.
16) not allergic to anything eating wise, and skincare wise.
17) extrovert, outgoing, optimistic, dominant, ego.
18) came from a broken marriage, not a broken home.
19) raised by loving and supportive mom single handedly.
20) amir, you made my day miserable reposting this youu.. @rainbowdunker


Thank you @auramawarlens for these wonderful soft lenses. I personally have loads of contact lenses but never once before, that I get to wear them more than half an hour. I find lenses very annoying.. and Auramawar lenses are crazy soft and as if I dont feel anything in my eyes. it’s not blurry and comfortable as hell. So for those who love to wear lenses. try it!

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